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Get Involved

We’re thrilled you’re considering contributing to Occupy America. Feel free to email us at occupyusinfo [at symbol] gmail [dot] com with any ideas. We’ve also thought of three specific ways for you to get involved: suggest an issue theme, write an article, or edit an issue.


Suggest an Issue Theme

A submission should explain the issue theme in one or two sentences and go on to provide at least three suggestions of article topics that would fit within the theme. Bonus points if the article topics can help make the issue more timely with regards to current events!


Send your suggestions to occupyusinfo [at symbol] gmail [dot] com


Write an Article

We are always looking for new writers with original points of view. Feel free to send us a writing sample so we can keep your email on file when we recruit for upcoming issues, and check the current Call for Writers to see what’s up next.


As in all things, an editor is more likely to suggest someone whose work they have confidence in, so don’t hesitate to send a strong writing sample in ahead of time. Be sure to read the Contributor Guidelines in full!


Edit an Issue

Typically we prefer editors to have written at least one article so they understand the tone of the publication and the editorial process. Editing an issue is a significant responsibility that requires coming up with an issue theme, advancing story leads, recruiting writers, editing drafts, and publishing the final product.


As an Issue Editor you will have the help of an experienced General Editor who will be on hand to help you with questions and keeping things on track, for example when a writer bails mid-issue.


Editing Timeline

Week 1

Day 1 – Call for writers

Day 7 – Writers signed


Week 2

Day 14 – First draft due

Day 16 – First draft comments returned


Week 3

Day 21 – Second drafts due

Day 23 – Final edits approval requested from writer

Day 27 – Final articles locked