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Issue No. 4

Horai power station survey 1975 from Fukushima

Issue Four: Eco-Power

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Occupy America’s fourth issue is “Eco-Power.” In this issue we consider the environment and the field of struggle as it is currently determined. In “Emissions Trading: The Green Trojan Horse,” Prashanth Kamalakanthan and myself consider the evolving carbon trading market. Often touted as a market-based solution to global warming, we find that this new market actually   …Continue Reading

Zaha Hadid's (2005) Phaeno Science Center, in front of smoke stacks of the Volkswagen power plant

Emissions Trading: The Green Trojan Horse

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As the oft-repeated slogan among environmentalists goes, “there is no Planet B.” To preserve the human species we need an effective set of tools to ward against the crises associated with unmitigated greenhouse gas release. Historian Dipesh Chakrabarty has posited that global warming “poses for us a question of human collectivity” requiring “a global approach   …Continue Reading

Haliburton service work

Frackonomics: Economic Strategy for Fractivists

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Our movement has momentum: in the past few years “fracking” has gone from being an unknown topic to a household word and topic of mainstream debate.  An industry report acknowledged the anti-frack movement’s global success with local fracking bans in the US and UK and national fracking moratoriums in France and Belgium.[1] However, arguments based   …Continue Reading