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Issue No. 3

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Issue Three: The Threshold Question

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Occupy America’s third issue is “The Threshold Question.” As Americans we tend to be proud of our country first and critical second. As we enter school we are taught that ours is the “land of the free, home of the brave.” We generally have an assumed set of values in mind when we think of   …Continue Reading


It’s Still The Economy, Stupid!

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Few issues strike as close to home as jobs. A job means a livelihood, a chance to provide for one’s family, and a way to contribute to society. Understandably Americans expect their politicians to take these concerns seriously, and the economy is a perennial election issue. But what if the structure of our economy creates   …Continue Reading

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The Revolution Out There

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Last fall when occupations emerged across the country, I found myself occupying two worlds of political possibility. One—consisting mostly of academic friends—was full of energy to create a more just society. Another—made up largely of colleagues at my ad agency job—was apathetic and even annoyed by the disruption caused by the occupiers. How can one   …Continue Reading

U.S. soldiers detonate firebombs in Iraq

American Militarism: Destroying Societies, Protecting No One

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Anti-American sentiment across the world is not without its history. The United States regularly uses military drones to kill people without legal justification in six predominantly Muslim countries.[1] The U.S. Army, already imprisoning scores of kids as young as 11 or 12 in Afghanistan,[2] has recently claimed authority to target strikes on Afghan children.[3] The   …Continue Reading