week 2-1: contextualizing timing

despite pervasive feelings of low-level guilt associated with my hiatus from the texts of this hyper space // it occurs to me that this too is the context of my involvement with Mallarm√©’s tombeau… and hiswe startwe start againwe move in on it, towards poeticizing it, to shape the shape of it (but it bleeds/escapes embodiment)the timeline moves (and movies) like a ribbon (anachronistically: film reels), i take her dv camera out one day and tape (billy has a word for these words, what was it? i must ask him when he returns) the drive out to the cliff (but you must wait for this, for me to upload/edit/upload and move back again (yet forward) in time to week one : timing (which is its context too, and atmosphere as well)to here: which is where context exploded into realtime, into space (and escape):Contextualizing (time and place)“more soon”

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  1. Zephyr, I’m very interested in some of the decisions that go into your works that I saw on Youtube. Could you furnish some links for people here, and also talk a little bit about why you work the way that you do? It would provide a little context for your video reading of Mallarme.

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