Welcome to { literal1.text }…

{ literal1.text } is a forum for teachers of electronic literature founded in January 2008 by <em>Hyperrhiz</em>.

<strong>The goal of this project is to promote the study and production of literature in the age of new media.</strong>

For those already teaching courses in electronic literature, we aim to push its study and practice to new levels. For those who are simply curious, we offer simple (and complicated) ways to integrate electronic texts into the print-centered literature classroom.

Because our medium allows for collaboration, we encourage contributors and users to communicate with each other for the benefit of each other, our students, and the field.

Since we are just getting started, I’d invite people to contact me directly &lt;davinheckman [at] gmail.com&gt; and I will give you a login name and password so we can get to work…

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