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Occupy America was a "bimonthly, issue based news publication" conceived and edited between 2012 and 2013 by Abhishek (Bobo) Bose-Kolanu, and published online at You can read his full, contextual essay on the work of Occupy America here. Hyperrhiz is pleased to be able to host a permanent archive of this important work by committed writers and activists, for future preservation.

ENTER Occupy America

A note from Abhishek (Bobo) Bose-Kolanu, editor, Occupy America.

I launched Occupy America during the Occupy protests, imagining a publication that could be at once located and nomadic, collecting particular reports of specific struggles along with meta-commentaries on the struggle-at-large, permitting activists to learn from and disseminate ideas and tactics through cross-pollination.

We published four issues before suspending operation, and the present work is a unique piece of ephemera that comments on and extends the tension at work in philosophically guided political practice. I am hopeful it could find a wider audience and critical reception in Hyperrhiz, and am grateful to Helen and her team for their care, and the opportunity to present this archive.

DOI: 10.20415/hyp/015.a02